Patras Bypass LED

Advanced functionality

The additional requirement for this project, dictated that the emergency door statuses and the emergency telephone off-hook status should be available to the new Motorway Management System. To accomplish this functionality, multiple Schneider Electric M221 PLCs  were used inside roadside cabinets that simplified the interfacing. Additionally, in location where it was deemed necessary, the street lighting of the entrances and exits of the tunnel was controlled by the same PLCs with minimal effort.

In order to overcome the limitations of the existing AVID PLC, a redundant pair of Schneider Electric M241 PLCs were used that stored and forwarded alarms from AVID cameras and the Linear Heat Detection (LHD) system to the PLCs located inside the tunnels. This functionality was essential, since in case of traffic incident or fire alarm, the tunnel’s lighting must be adjusted accordingly for safety reasons. All of the above were efficiently implemented in an expandable and robust manner by using Schneider Electric’s Modicon PLC lineup.

  • Client – OLYMPIA ODOS SA
  • Contractor – AKTOR SA
  • Sectors – Transportation
  • Services – Integration, PLC & SCADA
  • Duration – October 2018 – March 2019

By using our experience from the previous project in Kakia Skala, we were able to deliver a larger and more complex project on time and inside budget.

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