Olympia Odos MSS WiFi

Advanced Networking Solutions

One of the major concerns for this project was the level of security that could be accomplished by utilizing WiFi communications. To overcome any concerns, Extrabit utilized a series of best practices when configuring such networks.

  1. The WiFi links are WPA2-PSK encrypted and only one station is allowed to connect to the respected Access Point Antenna.
  2. On top of the WPS2-PSK encryption, IPsec VPN tunnels were created with strong keys that encrypt all traffic, from source to destination.
  3. All routers are firewalled and restrict access to authorized services only.
  4. All equipment are placed in locked cabinets and the antennas are on masts and poles that prevent access by unauthorized personnel.

The complete project consists of multiple Mikrotik routers and Ubiquiti WiFi antennas that interface with the Olympia Odos backbone. All the equipment need to communicate seamlessly between each other and the end users, hiding the underlying complexity. In order to design and implement such a complex network, Extrabit’s engineers used specialized network simulation software, namely GNS3. The router’s configurations and the in-between links were simulated and verified before the installation. This practice resulted in a quick and easy installation and commissioning by our field engineers with no last minute surprises.

  • Client – OLYMPIA ODOS SA
  • Sectors – Transportation
  • Services – Networks, WiFi
  • Duration – December 2018 – February 2019

One more successful project was delivered by Extrabit by fulfilling all requirements. The achieved bandwidth was double the required one and the installation withstood the harsh winter environment with no issues.

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